Merrilyn Amoretti’s Special Literacy Class at Herberton State Secondary School participated in the Digital Publishing in Queensland Schools Project organised by J&M Jeffress Consulting and funded by Priority Country Area Program, Northern Region.

Merrilyn AmorettiMerrilyn Amoretti
Special Needs Support & Learning Unit Teacher
Herberton State School is located 1,000 metres above sea level in the remote hinterland of Far North Tropical Queensland, Australia. Students from this literacy class come from near and far, to attend high school. Living locally means family is close. Coming from the Torres Strait and the Gulf Country means a long way away from homeErnie. It means strangers and a new life in a boarding school. These students travel up to 900 km by air with a plane that goes no faster than a Toyota ute and which leaves from an air strip that jumbo jets don't land at.

Ernie, Project Aide, drew his background using Corel PhotoPaint 7. This is the first time Ernie used a computer drawing program


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