JoshuaHi. My name is Joshua.

I was born in 1984 in Cairns. I live at Darnley Island. I go to school at Herberton State School and I live at Woodleigh College. I'm 15 years old. I like to go pig hunting and go diving for some crayfish. When I leave school I would like to be in the Army or be a policeman. My favourite sports are football, basketball, cricket, soccer and handball.

Over the Holiday: turtle

On one hot day in the Holidays Nelson, Patrick, Leo and I went bird hunting. We went by a car to the other side of Darnley Island at Pilot Point. We went in the bush to look for some birds, near some hills. As we scrambled through the tall grass we heard a big black bird flying in the sky. As we stopped, Leo killed the big black bird.

Coming from the other direction, we saw a pig running toward some of my dogs, they chased the pig. After my  dogs surrounded the pig, Leo ran to the car to get the gun. We ran to the spot and Leo shot the pig. We decided to hunt for more pigs for dinner.

pig for dinnerWhen we got back, we dropped Nelson at his Grandma's place and we cut the pig and gave Nelson some pig. After we went home that night my belly was full of food. After I settled down, I went to have a sleep. 

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