MichaelMy name is Michael.

I'm 13 years old and I was born at Thursday Island.  I like diving, going camping, fishing and riding my dinghy around the Torres Strait.

My Trip To Tudu:
Over the holidays my Dad went to Tudu.  This is an island in the Torres Strait. crayfish We go crayfishing there.  We always go by dinghy.  We took an esky full of ice to keep the crays fresh.  We took rice and some bread, steak and onions and some goods.  It takes about 4 hours in the dinghy from Thursday Island to Tudu.  The sea was choppy and dark blue.  We camped on Tudu for two weeks.  We caught about 80-82 kilo of crayfish on the first day.  The next couple of days we caught about 136 kilo of crayfish.  When we went back to sell our crays the water was fine like glass.  I made about $1,300 and I had a good time. 

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