WilliamWilliam is 13

and lives in Herberton. He likes working with cattle out at Georgetown. He often goes pig hunting. He likes listening to country music.

Hunting:  I went hunting. We caught a little boar pig. He had small tusks. We went on a four-wheeler motor-bike. There was only Melissa and myself. Melissa is 10 years old. dog chasing pig

After we caught the little boar pig, we let the dogs attack it, to eat it. This makes the dogs get used to hunting pigs.

We went kangaroo hunting, too. We chased them but we didn't catch any. The next day we caught two little joeys. My friend Melissa kept them because one of them broke its paw.

sow and pigletWe also went fishing but when we took the gear off the "four-wheeler", the dogs saw some piglets. The dogs brought one back. Then the mother pig came out and chased us. We took off and left the gear there. The next day we went back to get it.

four wheel bikeThe next morning we got up at half past five (5:30 a.m.). All of us went out. There was Scott, Chris, Adam, Lenny, Dave (the owner of the property), another Scott, Melissa and myself.

We went out to another station. All of us were helping to separate the calves from the cows to dehorn them and earmark them. Then we went home. 

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