JamesI am James.

I live in Pormpuraaw which is in the Cape York Peninsula, Australia.

I am 14 years old and I would like to join the Main Roads Department fixing roads in the Gulf when I am older. I like fishing, pig hunting, driving cars and playing football. At present I live at Woodleigh College in Herberton and I go to school at Herberton High School. At school I like doing Manual Arts, Home Economics, Maths and reading.

My Great Grandfather:

A long time ago when my grandad was young, his father was bitten by a crocodile. crocodileThey were fishing in Mullaman River. They caught many fish. Then the wind stopped. My grandfather's dad was sitting near the riverbank. A crocodile jumped out of the water and grabbed him. As the crocodile took my grandfather's dad across the water, my grandfather picked up a spear and speared the croc. The spear landed in its belly and killed the croc.  My grandfather swam across to the other side and picked up my great grandfather. He had been bitten in the side of his stomach. Other young boys helped take him to the Camp where he died.

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