Jerry JeffressJerry Jeffress J&M Jeffress Consulting
Project Facilitator

The students told and wrote their stories and contributed drawings, either on paper, on the blackboard or in the computer.  They had the opportunity to explore digital tools including: CorelDraw 7, Corel Photopaint 7, a digital camera and Wacom PenPartner (a digital pen and pad used instead of a mouse for digital graphics).  We used the digital camera for all photographs of individuals and for capturing digital images of some drawings.  Other drawings were scanned.Ernie, the project aide, used Photopaint 7 and the digital pen to draw the crocodile in James’ story.  Other images were coloured,  trimmed and collaged in Photopaint 7.  The book was assembled in CorelDraw 7.  The resulting publication has been archived on CD-Rom and printed on plain colour copy paper using a Canon Colour Printer BJC7000 as well as being published in these web pages.

Our web pages were developed in Netscape Composer, a simple, free HTML editor.

Our successful publication of a book in more than one media hints at the possibility of schools developing and accumulating a valuable collection of relevant reading material for local schools and others interested in our region.




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