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LYN (on right) with Jude

"I'm not grown up and I'm certainly not serious..." is how Lyn describes herself.

But this isn't quite true, says her friend Jude. "The serious side is there when it's needed and you know you can rely on Lyn to do what she promises."

This is obvious when, despite the demands on her time looking after Pete and the kids, Lyn shows up at the Community Centre each week, loaded down with "frozen cups" for the kids and chooks and treats for the oldies. So much of our fundraising is thanks to Lyn.

So is much of our fun!! Lyn's infectious laugh is guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most dour of people and you can be sure that what you see is what you get.

Though that's not how it always was!! "I was born in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide and was named Elizabeth," she says. "We moved to Victoria and I was called Lindy but I changed it to Lyn and that's who I've been ever since. Though perhaps I should've been Dizzy Lizzy," she laughs.

Dizzy or not, Lyn attracted the attentions of Pete nearly 20 years ago when they met in Cairns. As well as living at the Walsh, Lyn and Pete enjoyed an idyllic lifestyle up at Cape Tribulation where they lived on the beach. Memories of sleeping under the stars and palm trees...king tides coming to within metres of their bed...bring a faraway look to Lyn's eyes.

"Then the kids came along and it all changed," she laughs. But anyone observing this family can't fail to be aware of the closeness and love between them.

Lyn's passions don't stop there. "I swear by Homeopathy," she says. And her extensive knowledge is evident whenever someone calls on Lyn for advice. When the Community needed a new homeopathic kit, it was Lyn who came to the rescue and made a huge donation to enable its purchase. She's a softie where animals and birds are concerned...and she breeds the most gorgeous pups!!

Generous with her time and energy, Lyn is a wonderful asset to our community. She's easy-going, never says a bad word about anyone, and is refreshingly honest about herself.

If that's the sign of someone who hasn't "grown up", thank goodness for kids like Lyn!

Valley Vibe Interview by Eunice.

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