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30 August 2003 - Reflections on Creativity

Gillian's handwoven belts

Neighbour Gillian weaves belts such as the ones featured above. The brown and white belt is woven from handspun wool. The other belts are cotton.

She nurtures children.

Gillian has lived alongside the Walsh River for a long time. She personifies for me the gentle Spirit of the River (sometimes the River Roars! but I've yet to hear Gillian do so...). I am fortunate to call her Friend. Her hand are often engaged in creativity, be it fibrework, woodwork or encouraging children.


Gillian wears her new felt hat.


At our recent craft meeting Gillian acquired a felt hat, handmade by Eileen Balle. Perfect fit and gorgeous colour.

I believe the handwork invested in spinning and weaving endows each creation with the alchemist's gift of transformation. A flow of dreams can yield ribbons of textiles. Twisting fibres and weaving fabrics at home, one experiences both frustration and serenity, struggle and accomplishment, solitude and belonging. One learns to appreciate the skill of being attentive to the potential in materials, of being willing to learn, of encouraging others.Working with one's hands helps one recognise the wonder of the moment.

Hawkmoth visits our Shed in August

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